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Not Sure if Your Insurance Covers Hearing Aids? We Can Help You

Among the reasons you might choose to leave your hearing loss untreated is due to the cost of hearing aids and not knowing whether your insurance will help to pay for them. Because each company offers varying levels of care and coverage, it is difficult to know exactly what financial benefit you can expect to receive.

The South Sound team and I want to make sure that everyone who can receive benefits from hearing aids are able to pay for them. We go the extra mile for our patients or potential patients to check their insurance coverage for them. We are a part of the preferred provider networks of key insurance providers such as BCBS, Humana, Regence, Tri-Care, Cigna, and others.


“These guys are awesome, they handled my L&I claim from the start to present day. Even after retiring to AZ they were right there when I need them. Highly Recommend them for all your needs.”

Mike M.

Peoria, AZ

We do the hard work for you by:

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Helping determine what your insurance coverage includes and file your claim.

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Working with your employer to help you receive the financial help available from your flexible spending account (FSA) or health spending account (HSA)

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Being among the few audiology practices that accept Labor and Industry claims for hearing loss

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Helping you to locate alternative resources for financial help if you can expect no or limited assistance from other resources

Navigating the world of medical insurance is apt to frustrate and confuse you.

The advantages to your hearing, overall health, and quality of life make the investment into hearing aids so critical that we do everything we can to help you find ways to cover the costs.

Request Help to Check Your
Insurance Coverage

Hearing aids are expensive, but they provide so many benefits beyond restoring your capacity to hear and communicate better. If you are unsure about your coverage or just need some clarity regarding the financial benefits you can expect from your insurance carrier to cover your hearing aids, submit the form below to authorize us to check your insurance coverage and we’ll get back to you with the details in language you can understand.