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Though mostly residential, South End Tacoma, WA is home to the vibrant and culturally diverse Lincoln International Business District where you’ll find Asian markets and restaurants, Vietnamese desserts and Mexican tortas. Sports facilities and play areas for kids of all ages are located at Lincoln Park on the north end of our community, but there are plenty of other places to escape the bustle of urban life at Wapato Park and Charlotte’s Blueberry Park.

In addition to the diversity of our neighborhood, you have plenty of choices when it comes to getting around, including walking, biking, private autos and public transit, which provides easy access into downtown Tacoma. Staying connected to your family, friends and community is essential to living a rich lifestyle, which is still possible for those with hearing loss if they seek the right help.

Rather than simply encountering the newest hearing technology, it is far more beneficial to work with the right team of audiology experts toward better hearing. At South Sound Audiology, you become a member of our family, which allows you access to a higher level of caring, trustworthy and experienced hearing care.

Join the hundreds of incredible people, local organizations and local physicians by putting your trust in us since 2007 and take advantage of our methodical process of achieving better hearing near your South End Tacoma, WA home.

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Comprehensive Hearing Consultation

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

It is pretty common for most of us to add getting our teeth and eyes checked regularly, testing our cholesterol and blood pressure, and scheduling an annual physical on our list of healthcare priorities, but how far down the list do you place hearing tests?

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 8 people experience some form of hearing loss, and predictions indicate that that number could double by 2050, which means hearing loss is becoming a significant healthcare issue. Because hearing loss comes on slowly, few people notice that they are having problems until conversations with family, friends, and neighbors become a struggle.

Hearing tests are the only way to know the truth about whether you are experiencing hearing loss in any of its mild to severe stages. Regular hearing tests at South Sound Audiology in Lacey, WA, are easy, non-invasive, and provide measurable, reliable information about your hearing before it deteriorates into a significant problem.

Audiologist with a pair of latest hearing aids

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Small, Discreet, & Powerful
Hearing Technology

Do you think of the bulky, frustrating gadgets your parents or grandparents wore when someone mentions hearing aids? Most people do, but today’s hearing aids are nothing like those older models, just like today’s smartphones are nothing like the cell phones we used to use.

The same technology used in your smartphone has made it possible for hearing aids to be smaller, lighter, more discrete to wear, and much more powerful than they were just a decade ago. Rechargeable batteries, background noise-canceling technology, and the capacity to connect your hearing aids to other digital devices like your smartphone, tablet, stereo, or television are among modern hearing aid features able to significantly enhance your hearing experience.

However, keep in mind that technology alone is not the only answer to achieving better hearing. Ongoing caring and compassionate hearing care support provided by the audiology experts at South Sound Audiology is an essential element to the highly satisfying, life-changing hearing care we deliver to our patients.

Julie VanAusdal, Clinical Audiologist at South Sound Audiology in her practice


Does Your Insurance
Cover You for Hearing Care?

There are not a lot of similarities when it comes to what various insurance companies offer when it comes to covering hearing care. Consequently, trying to determine what benefits you can expect for which types of hearing care can be pretty confusing.

Because we are well-acquainted with most major insurance providers, our insurance specialists can help you avoid the headaches by checking your coverage on your behalf. South Sound Audiology helps make things easier for our patients by being in-network with many key insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Regence, TRICARE, Cigna, and others.

By allowing us to check your insurance coverage for you, we take out the guesswork and can help you maximize your benefits. In addition to checking your coverage, we also facilitate coverage for Labor and Industry claims for hearing loss.

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