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Phonak Hearing Aids

Since producing their first portable hearing device in 1950, Phonak has been a leader in the development of wireless communication, which is demonstrated by its long list of firsts in the hearing aid manufacturing industry, such as:

  • 1967 – Glasses with integrated hearing aids (Visaton Super)
  • 1970 – First BTE hearing aid (Phonette)
  • 1979 – FM audio input system that became the foundation for FM hearing devices
  • 1992 – Hearing aid with an analogue processor and digital adjustment
  • 1994 – Multi-microphone concept
  • 1996 – MicroLink tiny FM receiver
  • 1999 – Digital hearing system with FM receiver
  • 2003 – Bluetooth integration technology, led to bionic systems like Binaural VoiceStream Technology
  • 2008 – Water-resistant housings, led to the world’s first extended wear hearing product (Lyric)

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Sound Processing from Phonak

By streaming the full audio bandwidth bi-directionally and in real time, Phonak hearing aids deliver improved sound quality that is enhanced by an AI processor capable of recognizing your hearing environment and automatically adapting to individual listening environments.

These sound processing innovations enhance digital performance in order to deliver crisper sound clarity with background noise cancellation as well as integrated sound therapy features to help with tinnitus management.

A hearing aid by Phonak at South Sound Audiology in Lacey, WA

Phonak’s Hearing Aid Features

Bluetooth compatibility as well as Android and iPhone connectivity are standard features of Phonak hearing aids, allowing you to pair up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices to your hearing aids while keeping two of them connected simultaneously for a seamless listening experience.

Along with integrated tinnitus management, many Phonak hearing aid models have advanced battery charging capabilities, the capacity to control and personalize sound quality, and multifunctionality and remote support by using the myPhonak app, making Phonak hearing aids an industry leader.

South Sound’s Patient-Focused Hearing Care

Phonak hearing aids are one of many tools used by the audiologists at South Sound Audiology in order to address hearing challenges, but technology, no matter how advanced, never takes priority over meeting the unique needs of our patients.

Through highly accurate comprehensive hearing assessments, our hearing care professionals identify the unique type and severity of hearing loss affecting each of our patients and then use the information gathered in order to partner with them in providing better hearing solutions that enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

Beyond selling and fitting our patients with hearing aids from Phonak, ReSound, Signia, and others, we continue our ongoing partnership by providing troubleshooting, technical support, regular maintenance, and hearing aid repair for a broad variety of hearing aid brands.

If hearing aids are the best solution for addressing your hearing challenges, the experts at South Sound Audiology can provide you and individuals throughout the Greater Olympia area with the right advanced technology to address all of your hearing care needs. Contact us today by submitting the adjacent form.

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