How Hearing Aids Could Enhance Your Sports Performance

You probably assume that once you start wearing hearing aids, you can box up your sports gear and push it to the back of the closet or a shelf in the garage.

You will be happy to learn that wearing hearing aids is not the end of your sports career but might actually enhance your sports performance.

Two legends, the late Gordie Howe of the Detroit Redwings and golfer Arnold Palmer, when fitted with hearing aids, were amazed at how it changed their balance and awareness during play.

Howe even commented that if he’d understood the impact of hearing aids on his performance, he would have addressed it while he was still playing.

I am an advocate of physical activity, fitness, and sports, and I’m delighted to pass on the good news about how hearing aids can enhance your sports performance to all the sports enthusiasts in and around Lacey, WA.

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The Advantages Of Using Your Hearing Aids While Playing Sports

Communication is a major part of playing team sports. Your ability to hearing teammates and coaches as well as warnings or instructions from officials is critical to sports performance.

In addition to communication, your capacity to hear improves your situational awareness and provides performance feedback, such as the crisp click you hear when your driver makes proper contact with the ball.

Because your hearing is directly tied to balance, hearing aids also improve your balance, which not only improves your performance but also helps prevent injuries.

Essentially, unless your sport of choice involves submerging yourself in water, you will reap enormous benefits by wearing your hearing aids during sports and fitness activities.

What About Damaging Your Device?

A major worry connected with wearing hearing aids during sports and fitness activities is potential damage to a rather expensive piece of equipment.

Athletes are worried about them falling off during the game as well as moisture damage from sweat.

Hearing aids for active wearers include additional shockproofing and waterproofing in their design to help defend against these problems, but with the right gear, you can avoid damage.

In sports that involve the use of a helmet, some hearing aid wearers use two skull caps – one under the device to soak up sweat and the other over the device to hold it in place.

A sweatband with a hearing aid clip is another option in sports with or without a helmet. Hearing aid clips attach to the device as well as your clothing or equipment so that they remain attached to you, even if they become dislodged.

Those with hearing aids also need to be conscious of moisture and battery life during the contest.

Removing moisture, carrying extra batteries to change or making sure your device is fully charged, and inspecting the unit for dirt and debris during breaks allows hearing aid wearers to continue to benefit from their device.

Postgame Hearing Aid Care Is Critical

Removing any dirt, debris, and/or moisture immediately after your game or practice is critical to preventing damage to your hearing aid.

Thoroughly cleaning your device along with using a puffer or ball blower to remove moisture from the tubing, the battery compartment, and instrument case is important.

You should also consider investing in a dry box for storing your hearing aids overnight.

South Sound Audiology Encourages Hearing Aid Use During Sports

You don’t have to put an end to your active lifestyle and sports because you started wearing hearing aids.

With the right protective gear and proper care, your hearing aids are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can wear during play.

The team and I at South Sound Audiology are eager to provide the equipment and support, which can keep you active and continuing to take part in the sports you love.

Contact us with your questions and concerns about using your hearing aids during sports.

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Since 2006, Ms. VanAusdal has operated South Sound Audiology, applying 20 years of education, experience, and expertise to provide hearing solutions to pediatric and adult patients in the greater Olympia community. She is passionate about restoring the relationships and opportunities her patients lost because of hearing challenges. Her greatest motivation is seeing her patients enjoy a more active, rewarding, and independent lifestyle due to better hearing. Her commitment to our community shines through in her patient-centered approach to her audiology practice.

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