What Is The New Jabra Enhance Plus Lifestyle Device, And Is It The Solution For The 18 Million Americans With An Untreated Hearing Loss?

It’s true that the hearing care industry has experienced massive change over the years, with an overwhelming focus on advancing technology to better treat the different types of hearing loss.

This improved technology has encouraged many people to take control of their hearing challenges and benefit from the powerful and discreet devices available in today’s market.

However, research suggests that an incredible 18 million Americans are still struggling with an untreated hearing loss, despite access to first-class hearing devices being readily available.

Maybe a brand-new category of hearing device is the answer, as a brand-new premium “lifestyle hearing device” is launched.

On August 18, 2021, there was an announcement of a brand-new category of devices, spearheaded by a brand-new premium product – Jabra Enhance Plus.

This new category of devices promises to be discreet, multi-functional, and deliver the benefits that younger people with active and modern needs have long sought.

It’s distinctively different from traditional hearing aids, as it is a combination of the latest in high-grade consumer electronics and hearing technology designed to deliver what is promised to be sleek earbuds that offer capabilities including personalized hearing enhancement as well as offering great quality music and seamless in-ear phone calls.

Unlike the recently launched Bose SoundControl, the Enhance Plus encourages the support of a hearing care professional to check your candidacy first, which is a big step forward given how many people incorrectly self-diagnose themselves. This means that you will be able to visit your local Certified Jabra Enhance Center or work with an online professional.

With over-the-counter devices currently being a very hot topic following the recent executive order from President Biden adding pressure for affordable solutions being made available to even more Americans, this product is perhaps perfectly timed.

Jabra claims that the Enhance Plus delivers hearing aid-like performance, that candidacy is still assessed following all state and federal laws, and that it’s built for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

The question is, how is it different from anything else that is available and what does this mean for you and the people that you care about?


Why The Jabra Enhance Plus Is Different From
Traditional Hearing Devices

The first thing to note is that this new product is not a replacement for traditional hearing aids, and it’s not in competition with them – it’s specifically for people that have mild-to-moderate hearing loss and are looking to improve their hearing ability in many social settings while still enjoying the many benefits of a connected wireless earbud.

Jabra conducted in-depth research and learned that people wanted a simplified hearing aid that is a lower-cost and accessible alternative to hearing instruments, with hearing support being just one of many benefits.

Jabra enhance plus

With this understanding, they developed the Jabra Enhance Plus, which is a set of miniature earbuds engineered for hearing enhancement, music, and calls.

The key benefits include:

  • Digital noise reduction to cut background noise
  • Speech-in-noise capabilities to help you to hear conversations in louder environments
  • 10 hours battery and up to 30 hours battery rechargeability when using the carry case
  • EarGels in three sizes for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Rich and clear sound for music and phone calls (just as you would expect from Jabra)

But the biggest difference between the Jabra Enhance Plus and some of the other readily available devices that are aggressively advertising is that Jabra ensures you make the right choice for your hearing by encouraging you to visit an experienced hearing care professional.

The reason that this is an essential part of the process is that they understand that the most important step in addressing any form of hearing challenge is that you first need to have a hearing assessment, in the same way, that a complete eye exam would be your preferred option before determining your prescription for eye glasses.

With many other devices that only require self-diagnosing of your hearing loss through an app and programming your own devices, there are many risks, and as professionals, we would advise away from any solution that is selling you a product before understanding your own unique circumstances.

Attempting to self-diagnose is risky business, and there are many scenarios where self-diagnosis has resulted in significant long-term damage being caused.

We test many ears per week, and we often meet people that believe that they have a hearing challenge that either don’t, or the cause is something other than hearing loss, such as a buildup of earwax or a more complicated medical concern.

Who Is The Jabra Enhance Plus For?

Jabra’s research findings suggest that a large majority of people wanted an accessible alternative to traditional hearing devices that were a lower cost, with ease of access to hearing support listed as some of the many benefits.

Jabra has built this new product based on this research with hearing support, music, and phone calls all seamlessly working through a stylish earbud.

This means that it has been created for the 18 million adults that have a self-diagnosed hearing challenge that are currently without a workable solution and maybe fearful or hesitant to become a hearing aid wearer due to concerns over the way a hearing device may look.

The outcome of this is that Jabra Enhance Plus devices are mainly for people that:

  • Acknowledge a hearing loss but are looking for support in key areas of their day-to-day life
  • Want a small and discreet solution that is visible but not in the traditional style
  • Do not want a traditional hearing aid but do want the benefits that come with the medical technology & professional backup and support.
  • Want a device that is simple to use with multi functions
  • Prefer others to think they are wearing an earphone when the device is actually helping them to hear

We are confident that these new devices and others like them will start to normalize the treatment of hearing loss, and they will empower those who have not accessed hearing healthcare before to take that next step.

This means that the Jabra Enhance Plus could be a great option for people that want to:

  • Attend meetings and conferences without missing out on what you need to know
  • Visit crowded venues and be able to cut down the background noise
  • Join in conversations with friends and family with confidence
  • Discuss menu choices with servers easily and stop missing out on the “specials” they tell you about!
  • Hear their name when it’s called by the barista with their coffee, in the doctor’s office waiting room, or the hair salon
  • Hear Go Hawks! on game day or enjoy tailgate conversations before a Husky game.
  • Engage in video conferences and Zoom meetings without a fear of missing chunks of information
  • Enjoy music AND communicating with their stylist or manicurist at the same time.
  • Enhance the sounds of bird song on their next hiking trip
  • Hear Fish On! AND the skipper while at the back of a guide boat on the big water or the Columbia river
  • Enjoy a conversation with a golf buddy on a windy day
  • Take a business call with confidence in a busy airport or in the car

These devices are aimed at assisting in particular situations, not being a long-term hearing loss solution – they are ideal for people with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss who may need a helping hand while also being a stylish earbud that offers additional features and functionalities.

How Much Does The Jabra Enhance Plus Cost?

At this time, it’s unknown as there’s been no announced cost. The general expectation is that these will be priced slightly more than premium headphones and slightly less than entry-level hearing aids.

Based on this, we’re predicting around $1000. But at this stage, it’s all speculation.

What Is My Opinion And Advice To You?

It is not wrong to explore these devices if you are having situational hearing challenges. The sooner people start addressing hearing issues, the better, as far as we are concerned.  If this is the means to “dip your toe in the water,” we would say go for it.  BUT- understand that this is a bridge in a long-term journey with your hearing needs over your lifespan.

Get a good and accurate hearing assessment before you do anything else to understand if this is a viable solution. The important thing for us is that people are at peace with the choices they make with regards to their hearing and safe from a medical standpoint.

SO- our advice is to understand your hearing situation from a clinical standpoint and have a conversation with a hearing care provider you trust about what really solves your functional goals. Then- take action that makes sense in your life.

Are You Interested In Trialing The Jabra Enhance Plus With South Sound Audiology?

With so much change and so many different options available, it’s natural that you may have a question. That’s why our team is here to help and offer you guidance to ensure that you or a loved one makes the right decision.

Give our friendly team a call for a chat, or request a callback with us here.

We can book you in so we can check your hearing. This will help us to make sure you are a good candidate for the Jabra Enhance Plus.

At the same time, we can show you how it works and let you experience the devices for yourself. We can then get you out into the world and see for yourself whether and/or how they change your life.

All of our team members promote the importance of treating hearing loss early, and we hope that these new devices will appeal to our younger patients who may not have accessed hearing healthcare before to get the ball rolling and take those first steps toward better hearing.

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Julie VanAusdal

Since 2006, Ms. VanAusdal has operated South Sound Audiology, applying 20 years of education, experience, and expertise to provide hearing solutions to pediatric and adult patients in the greater Olympia community. She is passionate about restoring the relationships and opportunities her patients lost because of hearing challenges. Her greatest motivation is seeing her patients enjoy a more active, rewarding, and independent lifestyle due to better hearing. Her commitment to our community shines through in her patient-centered approach to her audiology practice.

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