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Prescription Hearing Aid Repairs Enhance Your Hearing Experience

When you or your loved one does not receive the benefits provided by hearing aids, it is easy to get frustrated and quit using them.

Abandoning your prescription hearing aids not only means missing out on the advantages and benefits they provide but also puts you at risk for increasing the damage to your hearing.

To encourage you to keep using your hearing aids and receiving the help you need, we provide hearing aid maintenance and repairs to make sure they perform as designed.

Hearing aid repairs in Lacey by Julie VanAusdal of South Sound Audiology
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Repair Service for Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids may have just stopped working, lack the performance they provided before or have been noticeably damaged physically. Regardless of why they are no longer serving their designed purpose, I am able to diagnose the problem and use advanced equipment to clean, repair or adjust your devices so you can get back to enjoying the advantages they provide.

This service is a major part of my commitment to provide exceptional follow-up care to my patients.

The majority of maintenance and repair services take place in office, but I send more severely damaged units to the manufacturer for repair. I use either Fed Ex or UPS in order to ensure that I get them back to you as soon as possible.

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A Loaner During Repair

If you are going to be without your prescription hearing aids for an extended period of time, and really cannot function without them, you can expect to receive a loaner or loaner pair while your device is away being repaired.

We have receiver-in-the-canal styles, as well as powerful behind-the-ear devices available so we can match your regular device as nearly as possible. They might not be ideal, but they’ll work in a pinch until your instrument is ready.


“I liked their professionalism. She’s very knowledgeable, she definitely knows her hearing aids very well. We’ve never seen her before but she just examined the hearing aid and make sure everything was intact and fixed what she need to do and it was a fairly quick appointment. ”

Mathew J.

Olympia, WA

Schedule A Hearing Aid Repair

Don’t continue to struggle or abandon your hearing aids because of a lack of performance.

By bringing them in for cleaning, maintenance or repair, you can return to enjoying the advantages and benefits of your hearing device.

Whether your device needs regular maintenance, a minor tune-up or major repairs, we have you covered. Just submit the form below to schedule a hearing aid repair appointment.