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9 Reasons Our Patients Choose South Sound Audiology

We truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life. We want that for each of our patients as well as every member of our community who is struggling with hearing challenges. Our patients choose South Sound Audiology for a variety of reasons, including:

1 – You Are Our Focus

Rather than trying to sell you a device, we focus on what you really need. Our patient centered approach means that your specific condition is diagnosed and addressed in a personal way. Essentially, we partner with you to provide better hearing that fits your needs.

2 – Our Broad Range of Services to Serve Your Needs

Our expertise in hearing care, tinnitus management, and treatment for balance issues means that we are better able to meet all of your audiology-related challenges.

3 – You Benefit from Our Use of Advanced Technology

Combined with our expertise and experience, South Sound uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to better identify your specific condition. Our investment in advanced technologies means that you receive greater benefits from our hearing care partnership.

4 – Greater Diagnostic Accuracy Leads to Personalized Treatment

Our comprehensive hearing assessments include advanced technology and best audiological practices to zero in on a unique diagnosis of your hearing challenges. This greater diagnostic accuracy translates into a greater capacity to personalize your treatment to your specific hearing needs as well as your lifestyle and personal preferences.

5 – We Commit to Providing You with Exceptional Follow-up

The hearing care relationship we form with you is not a “one and done” approach. Our hearing aid fittings and programming continue until you are comfortable and we achieve the clarity you desire. Ongoing follow-up includes support and encouragement as you adjust to your device, cleanings, free batteries, and hearing aid refitting as your lifestyle and hearing care needs change.

6 – Educating You Is Important to Us

We want our patients to make informed choices when it comes to your hearing care. Making this happen requires us to provide you with information about hearing loss and other hearing and balance issues as well as the treatment options and technology available. Educating you is an important part of our better hearing commitment.

7 – Serving Our Community Motivates What We Do

Our families live, work, and participate in Lacey and the Greater Olympia area just like you. We are concerned about the same things you are and we commit our special gifts and talent to serving those around us. This includes raising greater awareness of hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance issues through education, and using best audiological care practices.

8 – We Earn Your Trust

A partnership is worthless without a foundation of honesty, integrity, and values. We do not expect you to give us your trust; we want to earn it by being transparent, following up on our promises, and making things right if we make a mistake.

9 – We Love What We Do

There is nothing that tops the feeling of watching you reconnect with loved ones, friends, and colleagues because you can hear better. Helping you to overcome hearing challenges to live a more active, rewarding, and independent lifestyle makes it easy for us to love what we do.

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“She fixed the problem. I had wax in my ear so I went to a doctor to get it. It would’ve been better if she would’ve been able to remove that from my ear, but I understand it wasn’t in her field.”

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